About Us

Nothing brings people together like a friendly chat over great food. We are here to rebuild the human bond that is somehow lost in the digital world.


Diversification is the very strength of India, which can also be seen in the food we eat. From Kashmiri to Tamilian cuisine, street food to fine dine, everything you eat has it’s own inherent charm. At the heart of FeastBy is a conviction that no matter what the problem, food can solve almost anything, anytime.


Statistics suggest that there are close to 10 million foreign tourist arrivals and over a billion domestic tourist visits yearly in India. Thus, it is safe to say that there is immense potential for tourism in Incredible India. As most of their interaction is limited to the hotel and airport staff, the visitors are not experiencing the place locally even though they might feel they are. We’re facilitating a meal at a local’s house, allowing healthy cultural exchange.


FeastBy is our attempt to bring the world together. There are new stories waiting to be told and you have some ready to be heard. From here on, whenever you're out traveling, with your folks or even solo, don't just pass by. FeastBy!