I would like to transport you to the day FeastBy was conceived.
Date: 16th March 2016
Time: around 10:30 PM 
Driving back home, deep into my thoughts, I happened to ask a couple of questions to myself. Deep thoughts & the rapid-fire led to some ‘intense’ self-introspection and, I realized that the world is missing something, now, known as FeastBy. Not so known though, but someday, one day. 😃 
To elaborate what kind of questions I had in my mind, here’s a glimpse:-
 1. How many new people do we ‘actually get to know’ while traveling? Except for the hotel staff, cab drivers, shopkeepers, guides, drunk strangers, who become beer buddies, etc. 
 2. Do we get to see the real culture of a place? Goa – being one of the hot destinations for domestic as well as foreign travelers – what is the real culture of the place? Is it the  Goan Nevri or Tito’s Club or Hookah at a cool cafe or the cult ‘Kings Beer’, the mother of all Indian beers? Or is it much more than that? P.S. I love Kings Beer. 😃 
3. Is exploring the real culture of a place even important for travelers?
4. Are local people willing to offer a true cultural experience to travelers?
5. Can local people earn by just offering an experience of their culture to travelers?  
6. Why are we so immersed in technology? Spending almost 7-10 hours a day with our phones, laptops & other such gadgets.
7. Why are we losing the human connect? Although cliched, I’ve experienced a family of four, sitting on a dining table, One is on email, cracking a business deal, second is scrolling through Instagr*m, third on Snapch*t, uploading a story and the fourth, mostly the mother, who has prepared food with so much love, wondering why my family isn’t interested in relishing the food. And the feeling just isn’t ‘right’.
The list of questions is long… But, I hope you get my state of mind.  Thinking about all these questions, the cerebrospinal fluid of my brain was riding on a super-bike, I asked myself; “So many thoughts at the same time! Where is all this heading? What does all of this mean?”
Steven Paul Jobs once said “Connecting the dots of his life’s experiences, led him to build Apple” – this has always been at the back of my head. So, I started to connect all the dots, all the questions coming to my mind, my life’s experiences, my likes & dislikes, my passion, my ups & downs, every God damn thing I could think of. And I started painting a picture in my mind, here’s the picture for you: 
The picture wasn’t as clear as you see above, but I was quite close. 😃 
So, here’s how it got pictured; authentic food, local culture, Indian hospitality (Atithi Devo Bhava), people meeting people – This is it – I need to get this out there, for the world to experience.
People. Food. People. — the caption to the picture came right after I was done painting it.  

People who love cooking meet people who love eating. This is it! Bingo! 😃 

Connecting people, ‘literally’. And what better way to connect people & get them to bond together than ‘food’. 
The world needs it today, will need it a little more tomorrow and in abundance day after. I say this because recently I found out that a lifelike robot just got the ‘Saudi Citizenship’, and can have a near real human conversation. Sophia – literally creeps me out. I don’t know about you.

The question we need to ask here is: Is technology bringing us together or pulling us apart? 

We, at FeastBy, intend to utilize technology as we know it, to connect people using something that we all possess – Love for good food. 
FeastBy is an online platform that gives an opportunity to Foodies from all over the world to literally share a table and be served by a local resident, or as we call them “Home Chefs”. So, if you’ve ever been to Kolkata & didn’t quite get to taste Kosha Mangsho as it should be, you know that you should head to a local Home Chef’s feast, and taste the authentic. 
I, wholeheartedly, welcome you to explore the unique dining experiences at FeastBy!

Discover. Explore. Bond.

Happy Feasting! 😃 
Kabir Sehdev,