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Jaipur , Rajasthan
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  • CuisineRajasthani
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Rajasthani Culinary Tales

From a Land of culture & tradition, I bring you the romance of Rajasthan’s heritage with the culinary delicacies, offering you a large repertoire of local Rajasthani dishes that are influenced by the age-old traditions and methods. I certainly take pride in using the deep-rooted techniques and the local ingredients to create an authentic Rajasthani meal, it will definitely transport you to the nuances of native Rajasthan and it’s ethnicity. In my free time, you will find me engrossed in the literary world.

  • Menu

    “Rajasthani Culinary Tales ”

    (4 course meal)

    Are You a Pure Vegetarian?

    Welcome Drink Chaach (Buttermilk)

    A yoghurt based drink, made by churning yoghurt in a pot, seasoned with a variety of spices and is mildly sweet in flavour.

    Appetisers Vegetarian Bati

    A Rajasthani meal is incomplete without Bati. Bati is a round bread ball made with wheat dough and stuffed with any seasonal vegetable and mild Indian spice mixture.

    Keema Bati

    A non-veg version of Bati for the meat lovers. It’s a kind of bread made with wheat dough and stuffed with flavourful minced meat.

    Main Course Bajre Ki Khichdi

    This dish is a combination of pearl millet (Bajra) and lentils cooked together. Bajre Ki Khichdi with its creamy consistency and mild flavours is both comforting and satiating on the palate.

    Khata (Rajasthani Kadhi)

    A plain, simple but delicious curry to go with khichdi, Khata or Rajasthani Kadhi is made with gram flour and yoghurt.

    Rajasthani Safed Aloo

    Potato in a luscious thick white gravy. The rich and smooth gravy is made with milk, yoghurt, cashew and almond paste.

    Papad Ka Saag

    A traditional Rajasthani recipe made with papad(a disc-shaped crisp snack). A non-leafy, non-green dish with a really strong aroma.

    Laal Maas

    Fragrant spices and chunks of mutton slow cooked in plenty of ghee and infused with the smoky flavour of charcoal. Lal Maas is a dish everyone wants to try when in Rajasthan.

    Breads: Batia / Daal Bati / Phulka

    Batia: Rustic, crusty layered flatbread, mildly spiced and topped with butter or ghee. Dal Bati: Flaky round pieces of bread baked and drowned in piping hot dal(lentil). A perfect accompaniment to any meal. Phulka: Delicate Indian flatbread made with stoneground wholemeal flour popularly known as chapati.

    Accompaniments: Hari Mirch ke Tapore and Lasan Lal Mirch Chutney

    Hari Mirch ke Tapore: a zingy, spicy pickle. Lasan Lal Mirch Chutney: Spicy garlic dip.

    Dessert Gud Churma / Lapsi

    Gud Churma is a mixture of ground jaggery and clarified butter, it is a traditional Rajasthani dessert. Another lip-smacking typical Rajasthani dessert Lapsi, is a very appealing sweet dish made with roasted wheat sweetened with sugar and flavoured pleasantly with cardamom powder.

More About The Chef

“Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.” - Ruth Reichl Over the years I have travelled extensively absorbing the art, architecture, and cuisine of many cultures in various states and far-flung regions of India. This worldwide exposure and adventurous nature have greatly influenced the style and palate of all that I come to imagine and create. After a lifetime of cooking, and catering for those closest to me, I decided to keep my passion & today, I work hard to create meals for my guests with all the love and attention to satisfy the taste buds and satiate their hunger for experience. As nature lovers, it was very hard for us to live in the closed confines of the city, therefore, after my husband retired from the armed forces, we created our own paradise in the countryside.


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