Help and FAQ

Introduction To FeastBy


Question 1: What is FeastBy?


FeastBy is an online community that connects Home Chef with Food Enthusiasts (Foodies). We give Foodie an opportunity to dine-in with local Home Chefs, which opens doors for Foodies to experience the real culture of a place by bonding with local people over some scrumptious food. We feel conversations over a dining table is the best way to connect & bond with people from different walks of life.    

This platform is about connecting Foodies from different locations and for them to enjoy the feast prepared by Home Chefs from various cultures that they won't find elsewhere in the city.

The Home Chefs’ feasts are available for the locals as well, who wish to have tasty finger-licking food from other traditions which they will not able to get in the restaurants.

If you are a food lover and want to become a prospective Foodie of our platform to have mouth-watering and quality feasts, you are most welcome to try them if you have even a bit of interest for different cultures.

We bring Foodie and Home Chefs together and assure to provide them a safe and secure environment with FeastBy.



Question 2: What is a feast?


Feast is a hygienically prepared meal by a  local Home Chef who facilitate an informal and fun food tasting experience. It will be an experience worth remembering and will make you come back again and again.

On an important note: we want to let the world know that FeastBy is “For The Foodie,  By The Home Chefs”.



Question 3: What kind of food experiences can I book?


Indian food is always considered the king of all as it captures the nuances of all the cultures.

By choosing FeastBy, you will get the wonderful experience of the mouthwatering feasts prepared by Home Chefs from various cultures found in India. 



Question 4: Which cities in India can I book feast experiences?

Currently, our feasts are only available in Delhi & NCR. Launching in Jaipur & Agra soon.

Do not lose your appetite, we are planning to serve in other cities soon.


Question 5: Are there any bookies fees that are applicable?

No, there are no other hidden taxes or charges applicable for any booking.

The charges available on the official website are valid and a Foodie has to pay that amount only, nothing else.



Registration Process:


Question: 6 What is the process to join FeastBy? What is the proper signup process of it?

For Foodie, its a simple process to signup, via 3 options: 1. Manual Signup. 2. Facebook Signup. 3. Google Signup. 

For Home Chefs, please visit the page 'Be a Home Chef' to apply. Post your application, its an ofline process which the FeastBy team will explain, once they get in touch with you.



Question: 7 What are the major safety precautions being carried out by FeastBy which ensure that the details we share are safe and secure?

We respect our members and thus ensure to protect their personal details like name, Phone Number, Email ID etc. 

There is a clause that every member should login their accounts from the email IDs so that we can send any information to that ID.

The payments will always be made through the defined banking payment channel, thus there are no chances of misuse of the information.



Question: 8 Is the information shared by me, is it safe and secure?

Yes, of course! Your shared information is completely safe and secure and it is only open between the home chefs and the foodie once a feast is booked.



Be A Home Chef:


Question: 9 What is the process of registration to become a home chef for FeastBy?

Registering with FeastBy is very simple. You only need to follow a process by clicking on the option “Be A Home Chef”.

So, if you want to become a Home Chef, it is mandatory to submit a short application form given on our website, where you will be asked few questions about your interest and passion for becoming a Home Chef.

Once a log is created after approval regarding your profile, you will receive the account confirmation mail on your registered Email ID.

Your account is safe as it will be secured via password and you can use it anytime to invite foodie to delight them with your fine skills.

At last, we suggest all the interested Home Chefs provide valid, authenticated and original information so that no one we can proceed the process for further profile completion.

Lastly,  Welcome to the Home Chef community of FeastBy.


Question: 10 What are the positive factors to become a registered Home Chef with FeastBy?

First of all, you would be delighted to have a  platform which will give you full freedom to explore your interest in cooking to make a  Foodie completely contented.

 From time to time the Home Chefs will get appreciated for their satisfactory culinary skills and hospitality services.

One of the added advantage to become a Home Chef with FeastBy is that you can invite foodie to your home to make their lunch or dining experience memorable.

And at last, you are free to list your special recipes or meals on the FeastBy and it is 100% free of cost.



Question: 11 How important is the profile information that is being shared with FeastBy?

It is important, not because we want it but because it is required to make your experience more secure. The information you shared is visible to all the foodies who have gone through your profile and vice versa.

The best part is that the information of foodie and a Home Chef is not disclosed until a Foodie books the feast with FeastBy.

FeastBy is a platform where foodie and home chef come together to share each other’s information and get comfortable thereafter.The entire information shared by the home chef and foodie brings them in a comfort zone prior the meeting for the feast.



Become A Foodie:


Question: 12 How does one can register to become a Foodie on FeastBy?

To become a Foodie, you just need to sign up with FeastBy.

If you find somewhere any issues during sign up, you can contact us. Our team is always available here to assist you in making the registration process easy. Just make a call and we will sail you through it.

After the completion of registration process, you are all ready to book any feast with any Home Chef.



Question: 13 What is the process of booking a feast with FeastBy?

When you visit our website,  click on "Explore Feasts" you find a listing over there containing information about the food and their availability with the defined dates, location, and meal types through which you can choose the feast that best suits you.

You are then authorized to make a booking with your favorite Home Chef by clicking on "Request To Book", from there, your Home Chef will review your booking request & accept or decline your booking request. Once the booking request is accepted by the Home Chef, we will give you an intimation to pay, to confirm your booking. Once the payments are through, wait for the 'D Day' to arrive. Happy Feasting! :)


Question 14: When do I need to book the feast?

To book a feast experience, you need to decide a date for which the booking has to be made before 36 hours of the feast as the Home Chef also needs time to prepare for the upcoming feast.



Question 15: How can I get in touch with the Home Chef? 

For this, you first need to log in to your FeastBy account. 

Once you sign in, you will be able to “Message Home Chef”. By using that option you can directly get in touch with a Home Chef and ask any query regarding the feast.


Question 16: How do I get the venue details of the feast experience?

First, a feast has to be booked & confirmed. Then, a confirmation email on your registered email ID will be sent which contains information about day, date and the exact location of the feast.

The location will also be linked with the email via Google maps.



Feast Listing Process:


Question 17: How do I list my feast on FeastBy?

Before listing, you need to fill in the questionnaire on the 'Be a Home Chef' page. The information will help FeastBy know you better before we get in touch with you. 

Once your questionnaire is duly filled, FeastBy will get in touch with you to explain the entire process in detail.



Question 18: How do I know with whom am I going to share the feast experience?

Once you receive a booking request from a Foodie, all the information about them & their booking can be reviewed by you, as each & every Foodie has their own profile on the platform & needs to enter all the feast related information at the time of sending a booking request. You can even check if the Foodie is verified by FeastBy or not. 



Question 19: Can I make the changes to the feast listing that I have put earlier?

Modifications in the listing can be made whenever you find it mandatory. All such changes can be done via your own backend. The Admin will review all the changes made by you, upon the confirmation from the Admin, the changes will start to reflect on the platform. 


Question 20: How much does a Home Chef charge for the feast?

The charges of the feast can be uploaded by considering your cost price of serving 1 Foodie & profit margins you want to make by offering such experiences. Its totally your call, FeastBy will only, suggest whats best for you. :)



Question 21: Is there a service charge/fee for booking feast?

Yes! There is a service charge/fee that is to be paid at the time of booking the feast only, not after that. You only have to pay the 'Grand Total', and nothing else.



Dining Experience: 


Question 22: I am not able to see the exact location of the booked feast? How do I get to know?

We have made sure that you reach the exact location of the feast. Still, if you are close & not able to make out the exact house, complete address of the Home Chef's home can be found in your FeastBy website backend > Upcoming Feasts > View Booking Details > Address. 


Question 23: Can I book a feast for a group?

FeastBy is here to give you each experience as per your needs. You are welcome to invite friends, family or colleagues for the same.

Only you need to give the information about the number of Foodies arriving for the particular date.



Question 24: For how many people can I make the booking?

Each feast is listed with the maximum seat availability.

Before going to book the feast, you need to discover the seat arrangements for the selected feast.



Question 25: Will I be eligible for a group discount?

Well, that you will only be able to see at the time of booking the feast if there are any discounts available for that or not.



Question 28: What language do I need to use while communicating? Does the Home Chefs understand or speak English?

Yes, all the Home Chefs speak English, only their accent may differ from yours.



Payment Options:


Question 29: How do I need to pay?

Once the Home CHef accepts your booking request, you will be intimated via email, message & notifications on our platform to make payments, once you click the link to 'Pay Now', you will automatically get directed to the payment gateway of the website.

And, make sure you are making 100% payment for the feast because it is mandatory.


Question 30: Is there any additional charges need to be paid after making a booking?

No, the charges flashing on the website are the valid ones. No additional charges will be applied after that.

The given charges are inclusive of all the FeastBy payable charges.



Completion And Rating:


Question 31: How does the rating process work?

After having the feast, both the Foodie & the Home Chef  will be prompted to provide ratings to the experience whereas the reviews are optional in this case.


Cancellation And Refund:


Question 32: What are the Cancellation and Refund policies of FeastBy?

As a foodie, if you want to cancel a confirmed feast booking, you need to make a cancellation request before 48 hours of the stated time of the feast. The entire amount will be refunded minus the payment gateway/bank charges and nothing will be paid to the Home Chef.

And if a foodie cancels the booking within 48 hours of the feast starting time, no refund will be entitled in that case and the complete amount will be paid to the Home Chef.

In case, if a Home Chef cancels the confirmed booking, the entire amount minus the payment gateway/bank charges, will get refunded to the Foodie within the promised time. A Home chef may be charged with some cancellation charges.



Safety And Security:


Question 33: What are the safety precautions being carried out by FeastBy which ensure that I am safe and secure throughout the entire experience. How do I know if a host can be trusted?

Information of the Home Chefs is collected from them at the time of registration which includes name, email address, gender, Government ID proof, mobile number, etc, which is to prove  that they are genuine.

Each Home Chef is verified by the inspection team of FeastBy which provides them permission to register further with the website.

Each Home Chef is verified by the Food Safety & Security Authority of India and has the respective certification. 

Each Home Chef's home is under CCTV surveillance.  

You are free to review the profile of all the Home Chefs on your own to make yourself completely satisfied before feasting with them.


Question 34: What happens if I had a bad experience with the Home Chef?

Somewhere, if you find the feast is not meeting your requirements, you can directly contact us at ( and we will right be back to you with the best solution possible.



Question 35: How do I get to know the food is hygienic?

The Home Chefs is registered under the Food Safety & Security Authority of India. FeastBy also makes sure that periodic checks are performed to maintain the quality of experience we promise to offer. You can also come to know about their experiences and through the review and rating section given on the website.